‘Debates, uncertainties, multiple truths’ international conference

December 7-9, 2023
Warsaw, Poland

The first international conference organized by KnowStudents team finally took place!

At the beginning of December, 7-9, 2023, we met together with nearly 40 other scholars to speak on ‘Debates, uncertainties, multiple truths: Scholarly disagreement in early modern European education’.

During quite intense and even more passionate 2.5 days, we had a chance to learn about genres and practices of disagreement, theological arguments, philosophy and confessionalisation, rhetoric and its weapons, controversial medicine, multiple truths in the Baltic area, as well as to debate on sky an mathematics – all of those subjects being contributed to by specialists from all over the Europe.

The keynote lecture was delivered by Prof. Martin Mulsow (Universität Erfurt), with opening and closing remarks brought up by the main organizers of the event, Prof. Valentina Lepri and Prof. Farkas Gábor Kiss.

We are absolutely proud, amazed, and thrilled by the course of the event, a delightfully high level of presentations, enthusiastic words and comments from the participants, and the overall great atmosphere of the conference.

We invite you to take a look at the movie being a wonderful reminder of this December pre-Christmas event. We’re looking forward to another conference that we plan to organize by the end of our project (stay tuned & follow our actions)!