A project like ours, where knowledge and cultural inputs are under the same lens, can only succeed by pooling resources and supporting the collaboration of experts. Luckily, our Institute already boasts leading research partners such as the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (MPIfG) in Cologne and The Ohio State University. Moreover, as part of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Institute is included in its international program of collaborations with 70 institutional partners (from 41 countries), currently involved in joint research projects, study visits, and training programs. As the project develops, these networks will interact with each other further and expand with new actors in the following years.

Additionally, our PhD study program, which is designed to provide a comprehensive education in the history of ideas with a special emphasis in the modern age, will also contain an interdisciplinary and international dimension. This aspect will be guaranteed by the implementation of joint doctorates with a selection of some of the most renowned European institutions in the field of the history of ideas, history of philosophy and history of culture.