REFORC Annual Conference 2022

May 4-6, 2022
Berlin, Germany

Two of our Postdoctoral Researchers, Alicja Bielak and Hanna Mazheika, spent the beginning of May, 4-6, 2022, in Berlin, Germany, participating in the Eleventh Annual Reformation Research Consortium (REFORC) Conference on Early Modern Christianity that was hosted by the Sonderforschungsbereich 980 Episteme in Bewegung of the Freie Universität Berlin.

The main theme of the conference being the body-soul relationship, analyzed from a transcultural comparative perspective in the early modern period, became the focus of interesting plenary lectures and papers which covered a wide range of disciplines.

Our team presented two papers on the first day of the conference. The first, by Alicja Bielak, concerned the development of Servetianism among Polish students in Tübingen in the 1650s. Bielak based her research on two notebooks of students accused of heresy. The second, by Hanna Mazheika was devoted to the Ruthenian Students at the University of Ingolstadt and their probable conversions to Catholicism. More details on their topics can be found here.

It has been another face-to-face event that some of our team members were able to take part in, after a long period of exclusively online meetings. The lively panel discussions as well as the conversations over shared lunches and dinners, proved once again that Zoom meetings can never replace live contacts.