Teachings and cross-border mobility of students between early modern Italy and Poland-Lithuania: a history of knowledge perspective

The goal of this project is to understand better the intellectual dynamics and mutual stimuli between Italy and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the early modern period, by considering both educational theories and learning practices. More specifically, the research focuses on (1) a comparative analysis of “curricula studiorum”, particularly those taught in the Jesuit Roman College and a selection of educational institutions located in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, regardless of their religious orientation; and (2) the circulation of students between Rome and Poland, with specific reference to Polish, Lithuanian and Ruthenian students who attended the Roman College and their manuscript sources.
  • The kickoff meeting of the project took place online on January 30, 2023.
  • On July 4-8, 2023, Polish team has visited the Italian party and collaborated together (more about this trip can be read here).
  • The PI of Italian team, Dr. Lorenzo Mancini came to Warsaw on October 24-28, 2023, to pursue further work with the Polish team and give a seminar on October 26, 2023.