Inventory of books acquired by Jan Brożek during his studies in Padua, kept in Jagiellonian Library in Kraków

List of books purchased by Joannes Broscius (Jan Brożek, 1585-1652) during his studies in Padua (1620-1624) which are held in Jagiellonian Library in Cracow, Poland.

Method of book selection: In the selection of books, we paid attention primarily to provenance marks, because Brożek sometimes recorded the exact date and place of purchase or receiving the gift. We adopted the range 1620-1624 as the time of possible acquisitions in Italy. Brożek arrived in Padua on July 10, 1620 and left in May 1624. Due to the impossibility of determining the exact month of acquisition in each case, we placed a question mark (?) next to such unconfirmed data (also in the case of Italian prints without any date next to the provenance note). Another determinant of selection was the watermark present on interfolded sheets of paper that had been used as notebooks. If they duplicated with watermarks present in notebooks written during the Paduan studies (BJ Ms 3221 I, BJ Ms 3441 III), we included the volume in the collection of Brożek’s Italian acquisitions. Exceptionally, books received as a gift during a trip to Padua (e.g., Ephemerides novae received about Philip Müller in Leipzig) were counted as acquisitions from the time of Italian studies. The list also includes manuscript copies of books made by Brożek in Italy.

Description of books: In addition to the signatures of specific copies of books held in the Jagiellonian Library, we have also provided the numbers used in the USTC for 16th and 17th century prints, and the ISTC numbers for incunabula. We acquired titles mostly according to IBP for incunabula, according to BJ 16 for 16th century prints and USTC for 17th century. We distinguished between the way in which the books were acquired by the Brozek (purchase, gift, manuscript copy). We determined the way the book was used, indicating the presence of notes (their nature and amount), underlining, and sewn paper sheets with notes.

AUTHOR: Alicja Bielak; Adam Szczepaniec

Published in: RepOD, V1