Multi-level educational plan

The educational programs of the Centre, addressed both at students and researchers in the early and medium stages of their career, will be led by Professor Danilo Facca, vice-director of the Institute and team member of the ERC project. Under his managing direction, the Centre will develop an educational function focused on two main actions 1) PhD studies 2) a summer school on Renaissance and Early Modern Knowledge. These activities will be implemented by (a) the organization of regular workshops, (b) a calendar of seminars, (c) conferences.

Homed in the Doctoral School of the Institute (The Graduate School for Social Research), the PhD study program will start in fall 2021 and it will be designed to provide a comprehensive education in the history of ideas, with a special emphasis on the various forms of knowledge creation and organization in the modern age. To achieve this educational objective, it will be essential to ensure that the study program has an interdisciplinary and international dimension, an aspect which will be guaranteed by the implementation of joint doctorates with a selection of some of the most renowned European institutions in the field of the history of ideas, history of philosophy and history of culture.

UPDATE: The call for PhD for next academic year, 2021/2022, is already announced and open! Note the deadline of August 3, 2021.