Workshop of NOTA ERC team

May 19-20, 2022
Cluj-Napoca, Romania

After half a year since the last workshop that our whole team attended (and which was also organized by us) we met again with other scholars to discuss our research.

This time the meeting took place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and was held by the NOTA team (ERC StG n. 948152) who focus on ‘Note-taking and Notebooks as Channels of Medieval Academic Dissemination across Europe‘, closely related to our own subject. The main idea of the workshop titled ‘The Practice of Note-Taking and Collections of Notes in Medieval and Renaissance Europe’ was (just as the title indicates) to share the findings of our ongoing research on corpuses comprising collections of academic notes of Late Medieval and Renaissance Europe. In particular, the common features and differences in the way of taking and organizing these documents in various scientific communities in the discussed periods were discussed. Additional attention was devoted to the debate on the criteria that help researchers identify such collections of student notes and digital tools used to organize the data stemming from our research.

This short, however greatly successful, stay in Romania allowed us to share the latest results of our research, gave start to many inspiring discussions that we hope to maintain also in the virtual world, and gave us energy for further activities. While having fond memories of this workshop, we are looking forward to further meetings.

An overview of our time in Romania during this workshop is presented in the form of the movie and can be watched below and on our YouTube channel.