Cosmopolitan Science and Academics on the Move

The fellowship will be used to align my current work on the shape and nature of specifically cosmopolitan knowledge in pluralist institutional contexts (Venice, Edinburgh, Paris, Helmstedt, Montpellier – CAPIENS project) with the Centre’s research specialisms on the transformation of ideas through migration. The KnowStudents project has already undertaken related and significant work on the epistemic and concrete networks at play in central and eastern Europe (see especially the December 2023 International Conference on Scholarly disagreement). I will examine and cross-reference student manuscript notes from classrooms and published student disputations from Britain, France, and the East (Venetian and Ottoman lands especially) and incorporate them into the larger concrete network of knowledge dissemination across Europe that is the focus of the KnowStudents project. The aim of the fellowship will ultimately be the integration of my work on western European heterodox knowledge spaces into the picture of cross-cultural exchanges across a considerably greater geographical expanse and in radically different cultural contexts. The data on itinerant students generated by the entire Polish research group not only offers the best possible high quality level of research in an ERC context, but will provide fertile datasets for any study of the origins, nature, and significance of cosmopolitan, heterodox intellectual culture. Through concerted engagement with the research group in Warsaw and their collective work,  potential future collaboration will be fleshed out and form the basis for further research that significantly develops key shared research outputs.